A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.


Get To Know Me Meme: [5/5] Favourite Films » Chronicle

Andrew, you’re not alone up here. I’m here with you! I should’ve been with you all along, but I’m here now. We can stop this right now, you and me. Andrew, we can just fly away, we can get out of here. We can be family! Andrew? Andrew, look at yourself. This isn’t who you are!

lamekawaiiqueen asked:
TAG! You're it! Post 10 random facts about yourself and then pass this along (anon or off anon) to 10 of your favorite blogs!

sarah u bitxh (i love u thanks)

1. i love salty sweets

2. i’m obsessed with baby names. and i’m being very very serious when I say this.

3. i love to write (but I’m not that great at it) & read

4. i’m really into fashion, specifically late 50’s and early 60’s

5. i’m not organized at all but organization gives me a boner

6. i’ve been playing neopets for 11 years

7. my favorite video games r the kingdom hearts series

8. i don’t really prefer any animation studio over another, despite having the most nostalgic ties with disney

9. speaking of disney, I’m going to do the DCP my sophomore year of college!!!

10. i try really hard to relate to people despite lack of commonalities, interests, or personality types, but I don’t think I could ever fall in love with someone who didn’t share similarities with me.


picspam by season: season 1

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Last line from each Coldplay album
Coldplay + Nature


Aubrey Plaza - Nylon Magazine - September 2014

This is the path I choose, Father. What will yours be?

hey everyone i would loveee some music suggestions bc my itunes is getting kinda old! my favorite bands are lydia, daughter, falling up, onerepublic, safetysuit, imagine dragons, bastille, coldplay, alt-j, imogen heap, lorde, paramore, snow patrol, vampire weekend

I like stuff that sounds like you could choreograph a contemporary dance to, if that makes sense??? music with a good beat and vocals and an interesting/unique sound. I don’t really care for indie and I’m not really into punk idrk how to describe my taste but please help me?

there is no such thing as magic!

When all you’ve got is nothing, there’s a lot to go around.

what if ur best friend accidentally killed ur dad

Fangirl challenge: 2/15 Movies - Battle Royale (2000)

TODAY IS SO MOMENTOUS!!!!! AFTER 8 YEARS OF PLAYING KINGDOM HEARTS GAMES, I BEAT KINGDOM HEARTS 1 (don’t laugh at me for someone who loves video games as much as I do I actually am really impatient with fights and also I’m not that good at them lol)

i mean I started it in 4th grade and got stuck on hula riku BUT I restarted it a few weeks ago and finished with like less than 30 hours gameplay I’m SO HAPPY (this is good for me)